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Low disturbance loosening toolbar for cultivator drills.


High accuracy liquid fertiliser application at sowing

Titan Power Drive

Low disturbance loosening with maximum output


Low disturbance loosening with maximum output

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Begining a whole new way of thinking for field cultivation
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u.4.IMG_1618web.jpgRapidLift offers growers the ability to combine low disturbance soil loosening, with cultivation and sowing all in one pass.  Using a leg spacing of 500mm capable of working to a maximum of 300mm deep, the low disturbance design of the leg is such that thorough loosening can be achieved without bringing unwanted clods to the surface.

As the RapidLift range can be retro-fitted to existing drills, this is a highly cost effective way for growers to increase the flexibility of their existing drill in a much more cost effective way than buying a new drill.

RapidLift is also suited to sowing oilseed rape, and most drills can be configured to sow wide row spacings to coincide with the loosening legs.  Compared to sub soiler mounted seeders, this system brings real accuracy to oilseed rape sowing allowing one tractor and driver to not only precisely soil loosen, but cultivate and the sow very accurately in one pass.  Unlike subsoiler mounted systems, this offers real accuracy on seed numbers and consistent placement, whilst at the same time allowing growers with large areas to sow to perform the task at high workrates with their existing machine.

Available models

RL300  3 metre working width rigid machine

RL400 4 metre working width, hydraulically adjustable to 3 metre transport width

RL600 6 metre working width, hydraulic folding

RL800 8 metre working width, hydraulic folding


View our latest information sheet in pdf format also our Linkage Mounted Rapidlift information sheet






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